Rote Beete Café & Bar Events

Melvin Touché and the Tom Toms live

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    Transatlantic Roots – Roots-Sound
    Robert Williams (voc, git, man)
    Ralf „Trotter“ Schmidt (b, harm)
    Tommy Goldschmidt (perc)
    Wayne Grajeda (voc, git)

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The Roscoe + Kalon live

  • The Roscoe
    Laurenz Berlinsson – voc, guit

    Indie Rock – Alternative
    Janik Setz – voc, guit
    Tobias Hanel – voc, guit

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Swingin’ & Groovin’ mit Rob n' Moe

  • Inspired by the jazz greats, Rob n’ Moe re-interpret classic jazz, swing and blues numbers from the 20s to the 80s, in Berlin’s friendliest bars.

    Rob started playing jazz guitar in Bristol in 1987, since then he’s fronted many bands, playing various styles. Currently lead singer with The Golden Cocks.

    Mr. Moe has been fronting Jazz-fusion and swing bands for the past decade. Originally from Sofia, now based in Berlin, he’s working with the coolest catz around.

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Young Old Men live

  • Americana – Blues
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    Nicolas Fahy – cello, voice
    Fabrizio Luccitti – guitar, voice

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